Monday, July 25, 2011

Upon Our Knees

The air cradles the translucent shadow
       as the surrounding, opaque night
       swallows, falling to the ruinous ground.
Timid, delicate fingers
       ripple, peeling open the gateway of the sky.
A dulcet voice
       whispers His sweet sorrows.
Overcast sweeps into the gaps
       darkness overflowing to the brim.
Guilt--the relentless venom
       we choke.
Through our chapped lips
       the strength to change murmurs in resounding echos
       reverberating until they reach the firmament.
We reconcile
       somewhere swiftly skimming the surface.
Until we fall upon our knees,
       and lift our eyes to Grace.

1 comment:

  1. Rachel,
    Nadine told me about your website, and I must confess that I am dumbfounded by the descriptive appeal of your words. You have posted some amazing poems. Maybe you should publish them as a Christian book. They are powerful prayers. C. Smith