Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sinking Softly

Take me to the frayed ends
       so I may skim my way
       through the imperfect ridges.
Smother my pride
       and push forth the radiating satisfaction
       from somewhere deep within.
Captivate me
       I give it all up
       to you, for you.
Carry me through the drifting days
       to the point of contentment
       overflow me with your joy.
Completely incapable
       of distinguishing the two
       I float about, half-asleep.
I cry out,
I feel your presence 
       despite the lack of pressure
       upon my flesh.
Nothing was ever promised
       and all assumptions
       I shatter to pieces.
And yet, here I am
       thumb rubbing, number climbing
       awaiting nothing
              but something.

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