Monday, December 5, 2011


Loosely persisting, softening at the tips
       it sweetly succumbs to Your relentless sovereignty.
It cascades in sorrowful sways,
       depicting my vile inequity
       no longer buried deep within.
I cry out,
       Your vacancy wearing at my tattered faith
       as I cling to the loose fabric
       hanging from my lifeless body.
And as my eyelashes wistfully shutter,
       and the pixelations play across my lids,
A light peers through where lid meets eye
       projecting Your scintillating persistence,
       gleaming amidst my haze.

Friday, October 14, 2011


It numbly builds inside my chest
       spilling out before your boughs.
Crimson love, steadfast and abounding
       colossal, above my deeds.
Carry me to the richest ravine
       dazzle me in your word.
Fold me in your soft caress
       I'm jealous for your embrace.
I adore you, Lord.
       Abba, father, enchant me.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Waning Crescent

Flooding until my tip toes
       grace the skimming surface,
       as the beaming orange beacon
       waves the crescive guilt.
It folds over,
       gently tumbling until
       the vicious reality sinks--a beaten track.
Rising until it strikes the surface
      fizzle, to eruption
      denial, to justification.
My blind eye disentangles the obscurity
       and the pixelations form a rough outline
       painting an image of sufferance.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Parting Clouds

Wayward bound and steadfast slumber,
       slipping into the myriad possibilities
       of Your unremitting labyrinth.
They brush, softly flowing closed until
       friction meets forgiveness,
       pulse meets perforation,
       trust meets truth.
Bowed back
       as it cascades in crystalline droplets
       forming a hazy image
       distinguishable for the first time.
Your smile beams down in warm ripples
       flushing my cheeks in reverence.
Each muscle extends, folding under
       drifting as I beat against the wind,
       hair sailing in pieced fragments
Fingers reaching to You.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Cradle Me

The sweet sound of Your soft whispers
       murmur in undulations
       echoing in silken complacency
       as I giggle in glee.
The seasoned touch of Your gentle hands
       radiate and revive
       as my cheeks flush, and
       the warmth spreads, emitting comfort to my torments.
Cradle me in Your loving arms
       sway me in Your grace.
Fill my heart with understanding
       topple me in Your mercy.

Your sovereignty, my serenity.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Abba, Father

Settling softly into the silk drizzled dew,
       drifting as the crystalline droplets refract,
       shedding light upon the sharp contours.
Your face is lucidly etched into the terrain,
       but distortions from years of transgression
       film over in an ominous haze.
Alas, I fade into the wallpaper,
       blending into my interminable shame,
       as the floral intrications consume my determined essence.
Around the bend, hindering undulations ripple
       defying limitations, signaling your ever persistent presence.
Somewhere in the distance
       a whisper floats through the weighted air
       and gently composes itself, fixated toward the east.
A willing ear arcs, eyelashes tenderly flutter--

Your name resounds through the abounding buds,
       Your love embraces my slighted hand.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The floundering fall of a sinking weight
       pits itself beneath the rubble.
It wafts
       slyly encompassing, until
       the vague memory of trust
       pixillates, forming a morphed perception.
I hastily pry my fingers free,
       as the darkness nips, but the pinching subsides.
They cast away
       in bitter embarrassment
       sweltering in the bottomless chasm.
But I look to You, and
       all shame is swept out of sight,
       all pain and brokenness is disbarred,
       all hesitation--obliviated.
You take it all
       and it's all I can do
       but to bow before You,
And love You with all my heart.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Upon Our Knees

The air cradles the translucent shadow
       as the surrounding, opaque night
       swallows, falling to the ruinous ground.
Timid, delicate fingers
       ripple, peeling open the gateway of the sky.
A dulcet voice
       whispers His sweet sorrows.
Overcast sweeps into the gaps
       darkness overflowing to the brim.
Guilt--the relentless venom
       we choke.
Through our chapped lips
       the strength to change murmurs in resounding echos
       reverberating until they reach the firmament.
We reconcile
       somewhere swiftly skimming the surface.
Until we fall upon our knees,
       and lift our eyes to Grace.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sinking Softly

Take me to the frayed ends
       so I may skim my way
       through the imperfect ridges.
Smother my pride
       and push forth the radiating satisfaction
       from somewhere deep within.
Captivate me
       I give it all up
       to you, for you.
Carry me through the drifting days
       to the point of contentment
       overflow me with your joy.
Completely incapable
       of distinguishing the two
       I float about, half-asleep.
I cry out,
I feel your presence 
       despite the lack of pressure
       upon my flesh.
Nothing was ever promised
       and all assumptions
       I shatter to pieces.
And yet, here I am
       thumb rubbing, number climbing
       awaiting nothing
              but something.