Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Walk

Hand in hand, level ground
       firm grip--loosening
       as they dip, downward falling
       trying desperately to clasp.
Side by side, inclining ever so slightly
       You wipe the sweat from my brow
       as the sun reaches its highest peek.
Three feet ahead, I stumble
       falling to my knees
       blindingly alone, as the sun goes to rest.
Alas, sole footsteps fading
       eyes blur, body weakening
       as darkness consumes all radiance.
And then, a sudden brazing brush
       clasps and cleaves my hardened flesh.
Warmth adorns, as gravity lifts
       Spirit whithering, now emanating in full bloom.
Scintillating light casts far upon the structure
       so securly constructed over my inevitable malaise.
Three feet ahead, I gladly stumble
       into Your protecting arms of eternity.

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